Prayer List
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Kane Amspacker-health
Lois Armstrong-health
Kay Ziegler-Atkinson-pancreatic cancer
Linda Baker-cancer                                                                               
Sherrie Barton-cancer
Stan Beatty-cancer  
Sue Bickel-breast cancer  
Melvin Bollinger-health
Andrea Bream-back pain  
Patricia Breeze-cancer                             
Lois Briggs-health                                                                          
Tara Brown-rare heart disorder                                                          
Scott Charles-stroke                                                                  
Darla Charlesworth-cancer returned                                                                              
Christie Colon-cancer 
Kelli Combs-MS
Amanda DePauw-stage 3 breast cancer
Kim Womer-Diven-heart attack / leukemia
Michael Diven-Cancer
Bryan Doyle-26yr. old with cancer
Tammy Dull-cancer                                                                            
Winnie Dupert-health                                                                           
Jocelyn Edison-Cancer
Ryland Eartly-3yr old with cancer
Robin Evans-cancer 
Dave Felmlee-cancer returned                                           
Levi Fultz-cancer   
Steve Fultz-brain tumor
Dr. Marc Graham-cancer
James Haines-Spiritual
Cassidy Hargrave-health/speech
Carolyn Harlon-health                                               
Kathy Hertzler-cancer               
Jeannie Hockenberry-cancer
Carol House-bone cancer
Tina Humphrey-brain tumor
Mary Iannone-breast cancer
Jeff Jensen’s cousin/Robyn-throat cancer
Ray Klein-heart
Dennis Kloehr-health
Sharon Keiser-cancer
Tim Kenepp-heart issues
Betty Kreider-lung cancer
Mike & Barb Lash
William Leister-stroke 
Rich Lewis-health
Bob Liddle-health
Cody Lukens-car accident
Jerry Mado-cancer
Janet Marks
Sandy McNitt-cancer
Pam Meloni-ALS
Carol Merch-recovering from surgery
Austin Moore-surgery July 18th
Troy Morerod-cancer
Micheala Nagel-cancer
Aunnah Nagel-tumor
Kyle Nally-cancer
Dave R Osburn-health
Kim Rhodes-cancer
Ashley Rumfelt-21 yr. old with ovarian cancer
Susan Runk-cancer
Dave Rupp-health & salvation
Eloise Rutger-stroke
Emmanuel Saunders Jr.-cancer
Dave Sherman-open heart surgery
Cindy Shipman-bone cancer
Bill Smith-tumor on kidney
Tallon Snook-2yr old with Leukemia
Beth Snyder-cancer
Walter (Buzz) Spickler-brain tumor
Kelli Stam-breast cancer
Amy Simonetti-cancer
Bill Smith-tumor on kidney
Tallon Snook-2 yr old with Leukemia
Beth Snyder-cancer
Walter (Buzz) Spickler-health
Kelli Stam-breast cancer
Michelle Soliday-cancer
Brandy Stark-cancer
Lori Taylor-cancer
Charlie Treaster-stage 4 lung cancer
Ginger Treaster-cancer
Diana & Tony Voneida
Joe Wayland-cancer
Donald Willow-cancer
Neal Wilson-cancer
Liana Wilt-1 month old health
Donna Worley-recovering from surgery
Anna Mae Zimmerman-health